Walt Disney World Transportation

So many questions can put a damper on your planning. However, you can relax if you have chosen to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort. Leave it to the pros, they think of everything. From the moment you arrive at the Orlando airport ready for fun, straight through the time we hug Mickey good-bye, Disney has taken transportation from issue to adventure.Beijing Capital Airport Bus - Wikipedia

Disney offers a fully complimentary service called Disney’s Magical Express Service. This is a service offered strictly for guests staying in a Walt Disney World owned-and-operated Resort and arriving at the Orlando International Airport. Talk about worry free and the way every vacation should be. When making your reservations you can opt-in for this service and they will mail you special tags for your luggage. This allows you to simply walk by the baggage claim and head straight for the Disney Welcome Center luchthavenvervoer Oostende. There your whole family will be checked in and you will take a Disney motor coach straight to your Walt Disney World Resort. They will get your luggage and check them into your Resort for you. This allows you to simply arrive at anytime (even before check-in time) and explore the theme parks, go swimming or get something to eat and just relax. When you are well and ready go back to your Walt Disney World Resort and check in, your luggage will be waiting for you in your room(s). It really doesn’t get much easier then that! However, since it may take a few hours to receive your luggage it’s a good idea to keep items such as a bathing suit, sunscreen, medication and your camera with you as you are in transit, that way you will have these items available for immediate use. This is only the beginning to your perfect vacation.

Of course, the free transportation doesn’t stop there. When choosing to stay within the gates of Walt Disney World they want you to enjoy your family and make wonderful memories. Each WDW Resort has Disney shuttles that will pick you up and take you where you need to go. There are multiple stations within each resort, all you have to do is sit and wait a few minutes. As the bus arrives the front will say where its destination is, when the one you need arrives, just hop on, sit down and relax with your family, let Disney deal with the traffic. Disney will bring you to all locations within the world of Disney. Some places require you to switch buses at a centralized location or get off your shuttle bus to get on a ferry or monorail. You will have to check the schedule given to you when you check-in; it will explain everything you need to know.

The wonderful thing about using their transportation is that you are dropped off right by the entrances and you don’t need to remember where you’re parked in their huge parking lots. When you want to leave the park just go back to the place you were dropped off and your shuttle will arrive shortly ready to bring you back to your resort. TIP: Don’t forget, when staying at a WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort you can go to any other Walt Disney World Resort and visit their pools, restaurants, arcades, shopping areas and just explore the many sides of Disney. Using their shuttles makes this very easy to do. The type of transportation ranges from a shuttle bus, a ferry ride, a monorail and some resorts offer special paths for places within walking distance. All of these modes of transportation are of course in a class all by themselves; Disney would have it no other way!

When it’s time to go home, if you have chosen to use the Disney’s Magical Express Service, they will bring you and your luggage back to the airport with plenty of time for your flight. Leave those overstuffed-with-souvenirs suitcases for the pros, no need to break your back. All you will have to do is be ready to leave, get on your shuttle, arrive at the airport with ease and check-in at the appropriate airline counter. There are no rental cars to return, no surprises and no worries. It’s the perfect stress-free ending to your perfect adventure-filled family vacation.

By choosing to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort and utilizing the free transportation provided you can save a lot of money: no rental costs, no deposits, high rising gas prices are a non-issue. Why waste your money on a rental car or other form of transportation when you can get it for FREE? Relax, enjoy your vacation and spend more money on other things.

Disney makes every vacation a delight and a memory that lasts a lifetime. If they can make a usually dreaded topic such as “How do I get from here to there?” into an exciting looked-forward to adventure just imagine what else they can do! Why not choose to avoid the hustle and bustle by using the transportation provided by Walt Disney World. Enjoy your stay!


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