Try Trilogy Cigars For Taste

The connoisseurs of cigar will never run out of cigars to smoke. As one brand fades away another brand name, come to take its place. Therefore, you will never be without that great tasting cigar. New cigars that come out always attract the tastes of the cigar smoke as they take the v=cigar for a test drive. How else would they find a perfect cigar? It has happened for years, new cigars offering great taste and an alluring flavor always finds its way into the fingers of connoisseurs everywhere.

The thing about Trilogy cigars is they have overcome the over h.upmann cigar rated stereotype of a Caribbean filler. This just tells you that not all the best tobacco comes from Cuba. Also not all the great tobacco growers and makers live in Cuba. This will surprise many. Alec Bradley Cigar Company offers you a fine cigar without the price tag that other Cuban cigars offer.

Trilogy cigars are made with wrappers from Cameroon, Nicaraguan, Brazilian, or Honduran and the fillers are Nicaragua, Columbia, Italian, Jalapa Valley or Condega Nicaragua with a binder from Havana, Indonesia, Honduras, or African Cameroon. This means the cigars will have the same quality materials to make a fine tasting cigar.

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