The Power of Concentration – Get Out of the Grey Zone and Achieve Success in Your Business

To make the greatest success of anything you absolutely must concentrate your thoughts on what it is you are working on. Unfortunately, very few people naturally possess the power to concentrate as they should but the good news is that it can be learnt but it requires a mind open to change!

As famously said by Theron Dumont author Y2mate of The Power of Concentration, “A successful business is not usually the result of chance. Neither is a failure the result of luck… plans do not work out as their creators thought they would. They may have to be changed a little, and as you broaden your business you broaden your power to achieve. You gain an intense and sustained desire to make your business a success”

When you start your business you are fired up to make it successful – you can see in your mind’s eye the end result and what it will mean to you. That end result may be the lifestyle, the financial freedom, the ‘living the dream’, whatever it is that spurred you on to get started in the first instance.

But, business success depends on well-concentrated efforts and focus. Unfortunately with the best will in the world this is where most businesses fail! It is not for lack of enthusiasm or desire but totally upon lack of concentration and focus which leads to poor productivity.

Picture this scenario. You start the day with good intentions to work on your business. You have a plan in your head of what you want to achieve. Then the distractions come along; checking and replying to emails, chatting on skype, taking phone calls, surfing on the internet and one hundred and one other things (all in the cause of your business you tell yourself). Hours later you wonder where the time has gone and why you never seem to get anything done.

This is a very common phenomenon and we are all guilty of it to some extent but it is this constant under performance that will completely hijack your business and your resulting success. For as long as you try to ‘multi task’ you will not achieve the success you desire

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