Remove the Balance Sheet of prize bond Good Luck


Do you want to win your luck but still know?

If you want to buy a prize bond work?

You do not have good information about it; it is not a big problem to buy value work with presence.

  • Convincing


Important value opportunity

  • Refunds

No credit period

Consequently, there is no limit to anyone; there is a need to buy money. You can do as much as you can. Put, buying bonds increases your chances of winning. Because you have a lot of bonds and you have a better chance of winning. However, the cost of the bonds offered by the Pakistani government is as follows:

  1. Rs 100 / – (National List of Prize Bonds).
  2. 200-/Rs (a result of the prize bond loan).
  3. 750-/- (National savings Bond Program).
  4. Rs.1,500/- (Government Bond Rating Card). 5. 7,500-/RS (Pakistani government bonds).
  5. 15,000-/RS (Prize bonds).
  6. 25,000/- (Government Value Bonds).
  7. 40,000-/Rs (premium bond).

Until the Pakistani government abolishes the bond system, you can redeem your deposits. This means that the deposit does not expire. Rewards are valid for 6 years.

Prize bond regulation.

Prize bond results are tied to 24 rounds per year. For this reason, the winning bond number is between one and one million and is available for sale during the quarter. These results can be viewed on the official website of the State Bank of Pakistan. The winning team’s score is determined by luck. The government is working to reduce support for awards.


Sell Prize bonds at specific times. The bond subsidy program, called by Pakistan’s state-owned financial institutions, is working hours per week. Monday (09:00-16:00).

Tuesday (09:00-16:00).

Wednesday (09:00-16:00).

Thursday (09:00-16:00).

Friday (09:00-16:00). Lunchtime with Jamma’s prayer time on Friday.

An annual attraction.

First business day or month.

One business day in the middle of the month.

After this date, you can check the reward. The market value of these prize bond guess paper obligations was almost the same year.

Professional tariff.

The winning prosecutions offer no waiting. That is, it is not necessary to check the hypotheses. It is usually lucky. The eye leaves were easily accessible to anyone. Virtual documents have increased for each tie. You can quickly get these models in your social networking system.

These hypotheses are available.

Bonus band on the Facebook page. What Are App Teams for prize bond obligations?

Instagram page related to prize bond money.

You can get these guesses quickly. Then about the individual people who make different prize bond guess paper.

It seems lucky to choose. Since these attractions are entirely independent of each other, ideas are useless. It’s all down to luck, and sticking to those assumptions is your luck, not their knowledge.


The Federal Government of Pakistan used Pakistan Prize Bonds. This federal government loan helps both the federal government and the general public. The Pakistani Tex is very high for Victor.

15% (complementing the population of the Islamic State of Pakistan).

30% (not reported for the Islamic State of Pakistan).

Bond selling was a fraudulent and prohibited activity in the late twentieth century. Finally, you can spend money on offset prize bond results and make money. Until you are a federal government of Pakistan, you can pay your link until the bond plan is closed. The number of champion bonds is 1 to 1 million bindings that allow sales in each quarter. The result of the award is based on destiny. Maps do not officially provide home value to identify award financial bonds. Credit cards are quickly distributed to someone in accounting money.

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