Online Marketing Using Google News And Google Videos

You can easily get a great deal of views using video, but it’s very hard to convert the traffic into sales. I took the keyword phrase that converted the very best for an affiliate program and I created a video, optimized it, and uploaded it. It had been short and showed an excellent use for the product.

When doing a search for the product, my affiliate site ranks #2 (directly behind the merchant) and my video ranks #6. Conversions are up nearly threefold. Depending on what I did, the bottom line is optimizing the video for any keyword phrase that scraping google converts the best through a search to ensure that people who typed in that particular query would be the most qualified buyers. Sounds simple enough, but search alone wasn’t doing the work.

I used a descriptive, keyword-rich file name using dashes between your words for my video file. I spent a lot of your time on my Title Tag, just as I do with my web pages, and the Description Tag fully supported the Title. Essentially, I optimized the video page as I would every other page. I then submitted it to Google Video and YouTube.

If you use video in an effort to promote your business or your products, make sure that you have your logo and/or your website URL in plain sight at the beginning and end from the video. Since there is not a way to push the visitor automatically to a URL like Camtasia does, you’ll have to rely on “branding”. If you have software that can “watermark” your logo, URL, or something to distinguish ownership, I recommend using it. I made the mistake of recording some videos for affiliate products and programs without doing that, and they are now hosted on competing affiliate sites.

If you keep your videos branded, you can become an authority and do a lot with videos to help increase your conversion. Used to do a two minute video on a product where, at the end, I mentioned if they wanted to begin to see the best feature of the product they should go to the website on the screen and signup to see the full video for free. That way, I was able to perform a huge name capture. The follow-up resulted in a conversion of 6.3%. The key is to have a “Call to Action” at the conclusion of the video and provide them a reason to come to your site and get more.

I was still offering the video for free (pushing the free line to the visitor’s favor), but I had been also using a name squeeze page for future follow-up. The procedure was good as it led to a very good conversion ratio. The feedback received indicated the info presented in the “full version” of the video was excellent plus they wanted the product right then and there. Of course, the full version allowed me to push them to the order page following the video finished.

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