Golf Magazines – Knowing Your Options

As a golfing enthusiast you probably are looking for a good golf magazine that you can subscribe to. Fortunately there are dozens of great golf magazines that you can sign up for a mail subscription, or that you can access online. Some of the most popular golf magazines include Golf Digest, Golf Week, and Golf for Women.

Golf Digest is one of the most popular golfing magazines around. You can get a one year subscription to this sports magazine for about $14.97, or a two year subscription for only. This magazine focuses on the techniques of golf, as well as the latest golfing news.Golf Week is another great golfing magazine that you can subscribe to If you buy this magazine in the store you will pay a cover price of $3.95, however, you can get a 72 percent discount buy subscribing to the magazine for one or two years. Golf Week specializes in golfing news, as opposed to tips and tricks of the game.

Golf for Women is one of the only golfing magazines that is designed especially for women. This magazine focuses on issues that are important to women golfers. Some of the topics that they cover include the best golf courses for women, golf products for women, and profiles of women golfers. This magazine has a cover price of over $3 per issue, however, you can receive a 64 percent discount by subscribing to this magazine.

If you prefer to do your reading online and you are on a budget then you may want to simply read one of the many free online golfing magazines. If you are not the best golfer in the world, but still love the game, then you may be interested in the Bad Golf Monthly online magazine. If you are looking for golf industry news then you may want to read Cybergolf. And if you are looking for information and stories on the European golf scene then you can read Golf Today.

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