Exuma Bahamas Real Estate

Whether you are looking to buy an opulent home with an ocean view or a beachfront villa, Exuma has it all. The island is the perfect place to make your second home. Just west of historic George Town, Exuma has one of the finest powder white sand beaches in the Bahamas. This idyllic destination is perfect for a second home, or for investors who prefer a more secluded environment.

Property taxes on the Exuma Islands are surprisingly affordable. In 1994, the government enacted laws to make it easier for non-Bahamians to buy property. They also eliminated double stamp duty for foreign buyers. And despite the low cost of real estate, the country’s tax regime makes it easy for non-Bahamians to purchase luxury properties. Non-Bahamians can purchase both developed and undeveloped property. However, some exuma bahamas real estate properties may require permits or certificates depending on their value.

The Exuma Islands consist of three districts. The Great Exuma is home to pastel-colored homes and gated communities like February Point. George Town is the largest settlement and the hub of businesses. You can visit the Fish Fry, a collection of shacks, for a delicious fish fry. The Exuma Cays have everything you could need for a perfect vacation. So whether you want a home by the sea or a luxurious private residence, Exuma is the place for you.

Janet McLaughlin is a licensed Appraiser with over 15 years of experience in the Bahamas real estate market. She specializes in the Great Exuma and surrounding islands. She has been featured on HGTV several times. She was born in the Bahamas but moved to Canada as a child and spent her formative years in Toronto. Her passion for Exuma and its beautiful surroundings prompted her to join LX Bahamas Luxury Realty Group.

A vacation in the Exumas is not complete without a visit to the beautiful beaches. The crystal clear water makes the waters of these islands undoubtedly the best in the world. Almost all of the cays in the Exumas are only accessible by sea. This makes island-hopping an ideal vacation destination. You can also take a trip to Cat Island, a superstitious island where Columbus is said to have first landed in the New World.

There are many types of Exuma Bahamas Real Estate, from oceanfront properties to small cottages on a hill. The islands are split into three parts: Great Exuma and Little Exuma. Great Exuma is known for its laid-back atmosphere, while Little Exuma offers more luxury accommodations and fishing lodges. The islands’ proximity to Nassau makes them a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Property taxes in The Bahamas vary, but are very affordable. Property taxes in The Bahamas range from zero to one percent of the assessed value of the property. Other fees can include utilities, telephone services, landscaping, and general property maintenance. Property taxes in the Bahamas are relatively low, and appreciation is steady. When it comes to buying real estate, The Bahamas is a great place to invest in. So don’t hesitate to start looking for property in the Exumas today.

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