CCTV Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a device that keeps an eye on the presence and activities of people and their surroundings. This modern day device is a very fundamental need for those who are security concerned. Great Britain is the most surveilled country with one camera per 14 persons and Britons are recorded on an average over 300 times per day. Increasingly these devices are becoming an integral part of public places, business organizations, residential areas etc. Usually, CCTV are in high demand at casinos and retail stores of all types and most retail businesses install a CCTV system to keep track of customers that come to the store, preventing shoplifts and vandalism. In these places, dome cameras can be seen in the ceiling every few steps. Casinos install denser grouping of CCTV cameras. Banks and military buildings need CCTV cameras to monitor security procedure 24X7. Security cameras are used not only for international bodyguard for hire security but for other reasons also. Industries use surveillance cameras to track and look after manufacturing processes. Legal proceedings are also recorded as evidence and courtroom authorities often refer these tapes whenever needed. But you must be very specific while consulting the CCTV professional and the camera must be adequate for the purpose. For example, in a retail counter; while monitoring the point of sale for security, health & safety should be keep in mind. Calculating an individual’s height, distance is important along with the view of the cash counter. Another example can be Car Parks where there may be different points that need to be observed; the entire car parks, the entrance, the exit, every individual car, close up on the drivers’ face and the registration number plate. What type of camera is being used, how an organization is using a camera or how homeowner chooses to monitor are important issues to keep in mind.

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